Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

With so many amazingly beautiful and unique options in wedding dress styles, designs, shapes, themes, colors and fabrics, brides of today can pick the wedding dress of their dreams in a few moves. Those of you who want to follow the trends of these years have to keep the pace with the vintage fashion that seems to overrun against our modern century. More and more contemporary brides have a thing for a vintage, medieval or a Victorian style wedding dress.
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These styles are at rage this year, many brides of this century fancy a vintage, period, retro or a middle-age inspired wedding dress. The main idea and purpose is to look as unique, distinctive, different and memorable as possible. And what better way to do that than through a superb, romantic, feminine, stylish, classy and elegant Victorian style wedding dress?

Since the Queen Victoria started the trend of white romantic princess style wedding dresses, more and more brides adopted this trend and perpetuated until this day. But to help you find out if you’re more of a Victorian, renaissance or a medieval bride, let’s find out some more about what are the principal features of a Victorian style wedding dress. First of all, the Victorian style is characterized through lots of layers and huge skirts.

This was the case of rich and wealthy brides actually, because on the other hands low class brides used to put on any beautiful dress they had in their closet. If the high class was wearing a sophisticated, elaborated, intricate, fairy-tale, dramatic, extremely elegant and stylish expensive wedding dress, the rest of the brides, the common ones used to dress up very modest for the wedding day.

In some cases, the Victorian style wedding dress had a superb ivory color, meant to express a more modern and trendy look. Although the traditional color for the Victorian style wedding dress was set by Queen Victoria, and it was white, most of common brides couldn’t afford to buy a white wedding dress and that is why they used to wear any colored gown they could find in their wardrobe. The elegance, old charm and the beauty of a Victorian style wedding dress consisted in the embroidered handmade lace rumpled necklines. But these unique lace embroideries were pretty expensive and therefore only wealthy brides used to wear a dress adorned with lace.

Most of Victorian brides looked extremely feminine, slim and delicate, because of the corset tight bodices cinched underneath the dress. We are tempted to think that the voluminous layers beneath the gown were meant to underline the waist line, the bust line and the sensuality of the bride’s body. The gowns were beautifully complemented by a pair of dainty, chic and stylish gloves, and in some cases by an elegant hat or a long draping lace veil.11

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