Spring 2011 wedding dresses

The happy bride who is preparing for a spectacular spring wedding in 2011 can start the searching for the ideal wedding dress already. The range of style styles available for the next year is more than generous and wider than anyone can imagine at this moment.
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We are glad to see that the modern styles are constantly getting better and better with every single detail applied on the dress, and with every single new line and cut that famous wedding dress designers are developing every year. We are also happy to see that each season of the year has its own styles that are usually inspired by the nature itself or the changing that is always taken place in nature.

For the spring 2011 collection the styles are incredibly refined, soft, natural and feminine, just to fit more perfectly the new preferences and the new exigent expectations of the modern bride. The nature or the seasons of the year are not the only main points of inspiration for wedding dresses designers of today, but the woman herself. These spring 2011 wedding dresses that we can see in these images are surely inspired by the very independent personality of the contemporary bride and by her modern vision of the perfect wedding dress. And this perfect wedding dress can be defined precisely through these refined lines, through these asymmetrical discreet cuts, dramatic deigns, bold colors and patterns, sophisticated subtle embroideries and soft light-weight materials.

Among the most popular types of fabrics that most wedding dress creators use in modern wedding dresses (regardless of the season) are: silk, lace, crochet, duchess satin, rayon, chiffon, tulle, organza, cotton, taffeta, crepe, batiste, charmeuse, gauze or illusion net.

Sheer fabrics are in big demand these years, and they are requested especially for creating short or long sleeves, fine soft straps, transparent necklines and overlays for the skirts. The most surprising element that we somehow predicted for spring 2011 wedding dresses is the flower inspirational motif work that we get to see in so many styles of the newest collections.

The spring 2011 wedding dresses shown in these pictures are made by the famous Marchesa wedding dress designers and they are destined to all contemporary vanguardist brides who are planning a charming fancy voguish wedding in spring. As we said before, the very nature is the muse that more and more wedding dress designers are using when creating such phenomenal sensational masterpieces.

These dresses look incredibly artistic and creative, sensual and dainty, stylish and voguish. For women who are crazy about ruffles and frills perhaps these dresses will surely fit them like a glove. But these ruffles are big and flower shaped, perfectly for brides who happen to plan their wedding in a botanical garden, in a public park or anywhere else in the middle of the nature.

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  1. Courtney says:

    If this is how the spring of 2011 really looks like concerning wedding dresses, I think I’ll pass. I totally prefer the more traditional fabrics and line. Yet, I also like modern wedding dresses. Some of the lines are wonderful and the accessories as well. But these here are just not what I expected. I believe wedding dresses fit for a spring wedding should be simpler. And at the same time having a floral fluidity or shape. Thee one here try to be that way. The flowers used try to make the dresses spring fit. But they are too rich in embroideries, in cuts and pleats, in ruffles. And so they lose their elegance, femininity, comfortableness and refinement. Really, I wouldn’t like wearing something like that. Thanks God we can wear what we like on our wedding day.

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