Ethereal wedding dresses

Are you planning a destination casual wedding, or perhaps a wedding affair in the middle on the nature? Then you’ll definitely need to wear something light-weight, simple, floating and flowing, like an ethereal wedding dress.
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More and more 2010 brides are interested wearing something that’s more casual, comfy, flattering, delicate, soft and easy to go with. When we think of ethereal wedding dresses all we get to see is vapor fabrics, layers, smooth ruffles and frills that play along with the wind.

A breezy wedding dress for a beach wedding is what every bride needs for a casual destination wedding location. But this style is also suitable and in fact indicated for all the brides who decide to spend the wedding day outside the doors, anywhere in nature.

For garden weddings, for park, open fields, coast, island, mountain, back yard or country side weddings, the ethereal wedding dress can come out like a spectacular, exceptional and one of a kind suitable outfit.

Before you say “no” to this type of dress take a look at these pictures, or browse for more on the internet and figure out whether this light-weight frilly kind of style can measure up to your bridal vision and expectations. It’s true that ethereal wedding dresses are not meant to please all the brides, but only those who are more Bohemian, nonchalant and relaxed.

The modern bride can fit beautifully in an ethereal wedding dress, whether traditional or modern, simple or sophisticated.

In general, these types of airy wedding dresses are more adequate for informal casual weddings, but if the designs and the cuts are more dramatic and perhaps more elegant, then any formal bride can choose it for an unforgettable timelessly romantic wedding.

The ethereal look can be obtained through using different woolly, breezy and airy fabrics that can make the bride feel and look light, easy, flirty, sensual, feminine, graceful and delicate. The natural innocent look is very sought-after by modern brides today and the ethereal wedding dress can help you achieve it within a second. You don’t have to work too much to look beautiful in this kind of dress because it kinds of do it all by its self.

You don’t have to be afraid of the simplicity because this is the actually key to a modern successful look. The simplicity also means sophistication, refinement, coquetry, intelligence or clever style, good taste, class, daintiness, naturalness, sensuality, romance, grace, softness, smoothness, seductiveness and flair.

You will be able to din beautiful ethereal wedding dresses for beach weddings designed with a Grecian glorious sensational style, or simple ethereal wedding dresses with overlays, flowing skirts, puffy sleeves, ruffled necklines, exquisite subtle embroideries, embellishments and patterns, and breezy trains.11

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5 Responses to Ethereal wedding dresses

  1. Rachel Caron says:

    Would you please send me information, ie the designer, of the second dress above.
    More specifically the one with the chandelier.
    Thank-you so much, I love this site!

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  2. Hello Rachel! Thank you for reading our articles. The wedding dress in the second picture is by Maggie Sottero in “Destinations”. The price is about $830.

    You can find more information here:

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  3. Hello Rachel! The name of the designer for your request is Maggie Sottero, in “Destinations”. The price of the gown is about $830.

    Find more information here:

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  4. holly says:

    Would you please send me information, ie the designer, of the third dress above (with bow in front)? Thanks

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  5. Lara says:

    I know this article is a bit dated, but I’ve just fallen in love all over again with this dress in your article, the third photo from the top. I’d like to purchase it, but must have the details of the dress.. The link in your comments above directed me to a general website for accessories.. Please please please let me know at least the designer of this dress, and I can go from there! Here’s hoping *fingers crossed*

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