Edgy wedding dresses

Off the beat brides who are interested in wearing a more edgy wedding dress perhaps might get the inspiration from the images shown below in this article. When we say ‘edgy” we mean: provocative, outstanding, unconventional, funky, whimsical, dramatic and perhaps weird and unusual. These gowns (signed by Marchesa for the spring/summer bridal collection of 2011) are surely a spectacular apparition that can’t be seen on “everyday” bride! That is why we recommend this article to all the contemporary vanguardist brides who are not afraid to assume a more extravagant and voguish style, no matter how strange, spooky or unconventional it is.
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More and more wedding dress designers decide to create even more phenomenal and original masterpieces that are usually inspired directly from the complex personality of the modern woman. 2010-2011 brides can benefit of fabulous bridal collections signed by famous fashion style creators that simply promote the sophistication, the exquisiteness, the grandeur, the glamour and the originality of style.

Everything is artistic and pushed to the limits in order to break the traditions or the old patterns and the etiquettes that might still linger around the idea of a perfect wedding dress. We all have to understand that there is no such thing as the ideal wedding dress, or a standard definition of the perfect wedding dress that all brides must look for.

We have to learn that each bride is different and unique in her own way and that the perfect wedding dress for her can feature a certain design and a certain type of embroidery or style that might not be suitable for another’s vision of the perfect wedding dress. This diversity in preferences, visions and tastes can be observed more than ever before in these spectacular themed edgy wedding dresses.

Funky brides have their own private collections to choose form, while traditional and classy brides can browse for juicy conventional creations in special collections. Colors are bursting once again in white wedding dresses and they are more dynamical, bold and whimsical than ever. Black, dark brown, purple, silver or gray are only a few examples of dramatic colors seen incorporated in modern edgy wedding dresses.

You can still find more romantic and feminine pieces made in blush pinks, peach oranges, ivories, beiges, creams, pale pinks or coral pinks. The ruffles are still on but in bigger sizes and in more dramatic and fluffy textures and shapes. Web-like embroideries, large frills, fresh innovative cuts and asymmetrical lines, flourish patterns, sheer fabrics and high quality artistic details are only a few of the many qualities or hot points of these stunning creations. We invite you to view more off the beat wedding dresses on our website where you can browse for more articles on similar subjects.11

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  1. becky says:

    i like edgy wedding dresses but there is a but. i have my own criteria for this type of wedding dresses. for example, they should be very easy to wear and walk in, so without too many ruffles or too voluminous. they also should have in their design just a very little drop of color and that color should be very refreshing and not black at all. But the most important thing is the line, the cuts and the other details that would make it really edgy. Mostly the things that you have mentioned in your article. So fro these ones for here those which are gettnig close to my view of an edgy wedding dress are those white ones in the first picture.

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